Call on Kaspersky Support number to Switch To a different Kaspersky Lab Product if you have a New Activation Code.

There are certain situations which occur due to certain problems and users want to switch to another product of the antivirus. For suppose that you are using the Kaspersky Internet Security in your system but due to some problems and issues it is not working or you have purchased some another product from which you are not happy but you have bought it so hence you have to use it to the end. However, Kaspersky gives its customers this leverage that if you are facing some problem in the current product or there is some another reason that you do not want to sue this product then you can switch to its another product by just buying another activation key or code on discount and then you can freely and without any hassle can use that product. But many users find it difficult to switch from one product to another so if you also find yourself in the similar situation in which you are not able to tackle the problem and you want support to get a license key and activate Kaspersky then contact experts to do so for you. Connect with them through Kaspersky Support number immediately otherwise you can also follow the steps provided by experts to do so.

Follow the instructions to switch to a different product of the antivirus:

  • Firstly restart your computer and make sure that the internet connectivity is stable.
  • And if you have a new activation coded with yourself then go to the official website.
  • And before doing anything, make sure that the date and time on your system are correct and if not, make them correct.
  • Then go to the “main application” window click on “license”.
  • Then on this window click on “Enter activation code”.
  • Then enter the activation properly and then click on “activate”.
  • Then confirm your switching by clicking on “continue”.
  • You have to wait for the application to install and then lastly click on “finish”.
  • If you do not have activation code then contact experts via Kaspersky antivirus support

For any support for your issue call on Kaspersky Support number.

If you still find this difficult and even after following the steps you are not able to troubleshoot the problem then you should get in touch with the experts through Kaspersky Support number +1-888-701-0007 toll-free

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